Kelepa was born in Mogwase township in North West. He had a very tough upbringing as he lost his parents when he was young. He was forced to look after his younger brother when he was still a boy.

He says he nearly gave up on his education but the passion to succeed spurred him on. Here he is today.

Today he is living his dream and even gives motivational speeches and life-coaching sessions to the youth in his community.

stories start with some perseverance and sacrifice. Some had to leave school to enable their siblings to go to school. It sounds unbelievably hard but some, like Kelepa, pull through and succeed.

This brings me to ask: "What stops the children of today from cracking it when they have everything within their reach, in terms of financial and study aids?" They even get fed at school through various feeding schemes.

Children, all that is needed of you is to study smart and pass. In this world, without education you are digging your own grave.

Take a leaf out of Kelepa's book of life.

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